CelebradoXV Jornada de Idiomas: Itinerario 1 – Inglés Young Learners (4-6 años) E.I.

<span class="ee-status event-active-status-DTE">Celebrado</span>XV Jornada de Idiomas: Itinerario 1 – Inglés Young Learners (4-6 años) E.I.

Jornada con tres talleres para los profesores de Inglés en Educación Infantil y primer curso de E.P. Los talleres están patrocinados por Santillana-Richmond, Macmillan Education-ByME y SM.


  • Liu and Liam

A look at SM’s unique project for bilingual infant schools. This project was developed from scratch for Spanish-speaking children aged 3 to 6. It includes a wide range of material, including online cartoons featuring endearing characters, original songs, a new phonics system and a wealth of classroom resources.

Heather Sutton & Donal Thompson

Heather spent her third year of university studying in Sevilla and fell so head over heels with the country that she decided to return after finishing her degree in Spanish. For her first eight years in Madrid she taught students of all ages. After that, she dove into the world of copywriting and journalism. After many years in that sector, she decided to return to the world of education, but this time on the ‘behind-the-scenes’ and editing side. She now works as an independent editor for SM-UDP.

Donal worked in community theatre and theatre-in-education before coming to Spain 27 years ago to teach English. He has experience of a diverse range of teaching environments from preprimary playgroups and university seminars to online language coaching and immersive residential courses with the Spanish Armed Forces. He has imparted practical courses for teachers in the Madrid local education authority on how to use English poetry in their classroom. He now works as an independent editorial consultant working on CLIL materials for SM-UDP.

Este taller está patrocinado por SM.

  • Using storybooks to develop Science and Arts & Crafts projects for Pre-Primary (4 to 6 year olds)

 Children enjoy listening to stories in their mother tongue and are familiar with narrative conventions. For this reason, storybooks can provide an ideal introduction to the foreign language as they present language in a repetitive and memorable context. Storybooks can also act as a springboard for a wide variety of related learning activities. In this session, I will present a number of activities and science and arts and craft project ideas based on ‘The Little Red Hen’ that will not only help develop learners’ linguistic competence but, most importantly, help them develop observation skills, imagination and curiosity. I will also encourage teachers to contribute with their own ideas.

Annie Altamirano

Annie Altamirano has over 30 years’ experience as a teacher, teacher trainer and materials developer. She has co-authored courses and online and digital content for children, adolescents and adults for Macmillan and the British Council.  Her main interests are learning strategies, critical thinking skills, creativity and motivation.

Este taller está patrocinado por Macmillan Education-ByME.

  • GO Innovate!

This workshop outlines the thoughts behind emerging trends in teaching and the advantages and challenges that accompany them. We will provide support for applying cooperative, flipped and thinking-based learning.

Sarah Kells, an educational consultant, published her book “Teaching Teachers How to Teach” in 2016 about the professional development of teachers in the Community of Madrid. Her research focuses on training and professional development within bilingual education programs. Sara currently works as a consultant in various training projects for teachers in bilingual schools and as a teacher of North American English at the International Institute of Spain.

Este taller está patrocinado por Santillana-Richmond.

Programa y horario

  • 09.45h-11.00h. Liu and Liam. Heather Sutton & Donal Thompson.
  •  11.00h-12.15hUsing storybooks to develop Science and Arts & Crafts projects for Pre-Primary. Annie Altamiro.
  • 12.15h-12.45h. Descanso. Café en el colegio. Stands con información sobre materiales didácticos y servicios asociados a los docentes de idiomas.
  •  12.45h-14.00h. GO Innovate! Sarah Kells.


Docentes de EI, 1º EP. (4-6 años).

Matrícula e inscripción

  • 12€ Centros de Valladolid.
  •   9€ Centros de otras provincias.


Colegio Nuestra Señora de la Consolación. C/Puente Colgante 75.

Fácil desde la autovía (acceso estadio). Se puede aparcar en aparcamiento del Monasterio de Nuestra Señora del Prado y cruzar el Puente Colgante. 4 min. caminando hasta el colegio. Es gratuito y de libre acceso. En transporte público caminando desde la estación de autobuses 5 min. y desde la estación de tren 10 min.

Más información

Raúl Rogado / raulrogado@ferececa.es /Tel. 983 344857

ESCUELAS CATÓLICAS CASTILLA Y LEÓN / Departamento de Innovación Educativa

Montes y Martín Baró, 5 bajo.  47008 VALLADOLID / ferececacyl@ferececa.es / www.eccastillayleon.org


  • Jornada de Idiomas: Itinerario 1: Inglés (4-6 años) Young Learners
    19 enero, 2019
    09:45 - 14:00


Calle del Puente Colgante, 75, Calle del Puente Colgante, 75, Valladolid, Valladolid, 47006, España

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