CelebradoXV Jornada de Idiomas: Itinerario 2 – Inglés y Bilingüismo E.P. y E.S.O.

<span class="ee-status event-active-status-DTE">Celebrado</span>XV Jornada de Idiomas: Itinerario 2 – Inglés y Bilingüismo E.P. y E.S.O.


La jornada está estructurada en torno a talleres didácticos para EP y ESO principalmente promoviendo estrategias metodológicas, el uso de nuevos recursos y materiales para la enseñanza del área de inglés y las secciones bilingües en inglés.

Estos talleres están patrocinados por las editoriales Santillana – Richmond, SM , Macmillan Education – ByME y Oxford University Press.


  • Scaffolded communicative activities for the Science CLIL classroom

 The implementation of projects and scaffolded communicative activities in the CLIL Science classroom engages pupils in meaningful, real-world use of content and the L2. Planning a thematic project in CLIL involves identifying final outcome goals, and creating scaffolding for the application of the scientific method which involves questioning, observing, hypothesising, experimenting and arriving to conclusions. In this workshop we will discuss ways in which scaffolded projects and activities make CLIL Science classes more meaningful and facilitate intake at linguistic and cognitive levels. We will look at ways to adapt textbook materials, make the content more interactive and work on functional language. We will also explore online resources and see examples from the classroom.

 Lola Garay Abad

Lola is a teacher, a teacher trainer and a specialist in SLA, SLDs and CLIL. She manages academic programs, publishes classroom material and creates/delivers teaching development programs for educators in main stream education and language teaching in Spain, Portugal, and the UK. She works in public education teaching Science, English, etc. in Primary and Secondary. She is also involved in research, and works as an educational consultant in various schools across the country.

Este taller está dirigido a la enseñanza de SCIENCE en sección bilingüe ESO y está patrocinado por Macmillan Education – ByME.

  • Bridging the Gap: Dynamic Content Learning Rooted in Fluency

This workshop will offer CLIL teachers a toolkit of dynamic, fluency building activities to integrate into the classroom. We will bridge the gap between “work” and “play”. By connecting the two, student engagement increases without sacrificing content priority. This workshop will be hands-on, with participants playing the role of students while learning dynamic strategies to increase student engagement.

 Sarah Kells an educational consultant, published her book “Teaching Teachers How to Teach” in 2016 about the professional development of teachers in the Community of Madrid. Her research focuses on training and professional development within bilingual education programs. Sara currently works as a consultant in various training projects for teachers in bilingual schools and as a teacher of North American English at the International Institute of Spain.

Este taller está patrocinado por Santillana-Richmond.

  • Promoting content and language awareness in bilingual schools.

What is ‘content’, and what is ‘language’?  Subject and language teachers understand these questions in relation to conventional schools and conventional monolingual approaches, but in bilingual schools where CLIL methodology is prominent the considerations of ‘content’ and ‘language’ change, as does the relationship between the two.  In bilingual contexts, subject teachers need support in identifying the key language in their learning sequences, so that they can then make it more salient, and language teachers need to consider the nature of ‘content’ – namely what it is, how it behaves, and how it can be supported methodologically.

This workshop will suggest ways in which subject and language teachers can work together in bilingual learning contexts – but first they need to understand the classroom demands that their colleagues face.  In this way, subject teachers become ‘language aware’ and language teachers become ‘content aware’.  It helps to make a happy school!

Phil Ball lives in San Sebastián and works as a consultant for the Federation of Basque Schools and for the University of the Basque Country. He is a CLIL materials writer and teacher-trainer and has been closely involved with the award-winning Basque multilingual project, ‘Eleanitz’.  He has been involved in several European-based CLIL projects, and has written a wide variety of CLIL-based textbooks for the Basque and Spanish social science and English language programmes. He is the co-author of the new book about CLIL, Putting CLIL into Practice (Oxford University Press 2016) and his CLIL textbook series for the Basque curriculum was nominated for the ELTONS Innovation Award in 2016.

Este taller está patrocinado por Oxford University Press.

  • Keeping it Real 

This one hour workshop will focus on strategies to bring English to life in your students minds, connecting the learning material to music, rhythm and TPR. We engage, encourage and keep it real.

Sarah K. Fox. native of Missouri, USA, has been living ad teaching in Valladolid 10 years. Her two main passions are teaching English and dancing. She has experience teaching as an English teacher and as an English language assistant teachers in schools in Castilla y León. Making bilingual learning as real and effective as possible has always been at the forefront of her teaching.

Este taller está patrocinado por SM.

Programa y horario

  • 09.30h-10.30h. TALLER 1.  Scaffolded communicative activities for the Science CLIL classroom. Lola Garay.
  • 10.30h-11.30h. TALLER 2. Bridging the Gap: Dynamic Content Learning Rooted in Fluency. Sarah Kells
  • 11.30h-12.00h. CAFÉ Y STANDS con información, materiales y servicios para el profesorado de idiomas.
  • 12.00h-13.00h. TALLER 3. Promoting content and language awareness in bilingual schools. Phil Ball.
  • 13.00h-14.00h. TALLER 4. Keeping it Real. Sarah K. Fox.


Docentes de EP, ESO.

Matrícula e inscripción

  • 12€ Centros de Valladolid.
  •   9€ Centros de otras provincias.


Colegio Nuestra Señora de la Consolación. C/Puente Colgante 75.

Fácil desde la autovía (acceso estadio). Se puede aparcar en aparcamiento del Monasterio de Nuestra Señora del Prado y cruzar el Puente Colgante. 4 min. caminando hasta el colegio. Es gratuito y de libre acceso. En transporte público caminando desde la estación de autobuses 5 min. y desde la estación de tren 10 min.

Más información

Raúl Rogado / raulrogado@ferececa.es /Tel. 983 344857

ESCUELAS CATÓLICAS CASTILLA Y LEÓN / Departamento de Innovación Educativa

Montes y Martín Baró, 5 bajo.  47008 VALLADOLID / ferececacyl@ferececa.es / www.eccastillayleon.org

  • Jornada de Idiomas: Itinerario 2 Inglés y Bilingüismo E.P. y E.S.O.
    19 enero, 2019
    09:30 - 14:00


Calle del Puente Colgante, 75, Calle del Puente Colgante, 75, Valladolid, Valladolid, 47006, España

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